Monarch Butterfly Box is more than just a greenhouse, it is nature experience. Wander down the green house pathways, through luscious gardens. Each bed is curated and themed for a interesting, interactive experience.

Chrysalis, Butterflies, and Flowers 

Our butterflies spend two stages of their lives here: chrysalis and adult. Unfortunately we do not have the host plants required to raise the butterflies from egg or caterpillar. You may see caterpillars on display from time to time in our facility but we do not raise all of our butterflies from the caterpillars.

When you enter our greenhouse you will see our baby butterfly nursery filled with chrysalis. All of our butterflies are received in this stage. Once they emerge from the chrysalis and their wings dry, they are allowed to roam freely in the greenhouse for the remainder of their lives.

The majority of the flowers and plants here are for butterflies. The butterflies feed on the nectar from the flowers, but you will also see feeding stations where they can slurp up sweet sugar water. The goal is to keep them well fed and happy for their adult lives.

Though most plants are for the butterflies, some are for enjoyment and to enhance the greenhouse ascetic. Throughout the green house you will see several great photo ops. There are benches for patrons to sit and enjoy the butterflies and flora that surrounds them.   

Other Greenhouse Attractions
Reptile and Amphibian Exhibits 

Throughout our exhibit are reptiles and amphibians in realistic, ecosystem style habitats.

All of our animals were raised in captivity, Though they may be similar to native species, we would never capture animals and remove them from their natural habitat here on Kelleys Island.

Backyard Pond

​Koi Pond and Turtle Lagoon

As you wander along the greenhouse path, you'll cross a bridge over a babbling brook. This connect two parts of our pond. We house several types of goldfish, including shubunkin and koi in the fish portion of the pond. The turtle lagoon portion of our pond houses hand raised, turtles living in the lap of turtle luxury.

Image by Maksim Shutov

Giant Ant Farm


Our Giant Ant farm contains hundreds of ants. they carve their homes out as twisting underground tunnels.