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Our Wines

Monarch Winery offers a full line of fruit wines and mead ranging from dry to sweet. We often blend our fruit wines to create a high-quality product for you to enjoy on your next trip to Kelleys Island! 

Pear Cresent Pear Wine​

Pearl Cresent Pear is the perfect balance of fruit and tart. This off-dry white wine has undertones of Bartlett pear and fresh fruit. This wine is often the pick of those not looking for a sweet wine.

Bottle/$16.00        Glass/$5.00

Swallowtail Sweet Apple Wine​

Swallowtail Sweet Apple is a sweet fruit wine with tart, green apple notes. This is the least sweet of our "Sweet Wines" and is often still too tart for those looking for a classic fruit wine. Swallowtail Sweet apple is featured in our Cranberry Acia Wine Slushies.  

Bottle/$13.00        Glass/$5.00        Slushie/ $8.00

Painted Lady Peach Wine

Painted Lady Peach is a juicy, full-bodied wine that is rounded out with the flavor of ripe peaches. This sweet wine lingers on the pallet pleasantly and is a fruity fan favorite. Painted Lady Peach is featured in our mango peach smoothy. 

Bottle/$16.00        Glass/$5.00       Slushie/$8.00

Buckeye Butterfly Blueberry Wine

Buckeye Butterfly Blueberry  

Bottle/$16.00        Glass/$5.00       Slushie/$8.00

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